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What Are the Main Thyroid Problems, Symptoms and Cures?

Are you looking for thyroid problems symptoms and cures? You will develop thyroid problems due to an imbalance in thyroid levels. A thyroid problem no matter how it came about, eventually leads to a weight problem. This weight problem is usually quite severe. It works both ways, you gain weight, you lose it rapidly or you just can’t seem to get rid of the current excess weight no matter how hard you try. These thyroid problems then usually lead to other weight related diseases. This is true whether you suffer from an under-active or overactive thyroid.

What are we actually talking about when we mention thyroid problems symptoms and cures? Hypothyroidism is the term used for an under-active thyroid, an easy way to explain is by saying that your metabolism is under achieving and therefore you are going to gain weight. Hyperthyroidism is the opposite. You have an overactive thyroid and your metabolism is sped up resulting in weight loss. It might seem like an overactive thyroid sounds like a great thing to have. Yes it does sound terrific but unfortunately the sufferer can get so weak that they ultimately end up in the hospital. And whoever said a skeleton looks attractive.

Hypothyroidism (under-active) thyroid usually takes the spotlight when we talk about thyroid disease. The sufferer’s metabolism slows down so much that they just keep putting on weight. This also leaves them feeling weak and results in serious illness if left untreated. What I am about to tell you might sound crazy. Did you know that drinking coffee as been proven to drastically reduce the effects of an under-active thyroid? That’s right coffee. The very beverage that has been persecuted by many doctors and physicians. Some even go as far as saying that coffee is a dangerous narcotic.

In the largest coffee study done to date, published in the New England Journal of medicine. More than 400000 men and women were involved ages 50 to 71 over a 14 year span of time. It showed that not only did those that drank coffee lived longer but the more coffee they drank the longer they ended up living.

Coffee protects you from thyroid disease, it protects you from cancer (thyroid as well as other cancers) and it also protects you from liver dysfunction. The health benefits of coffee go far beyond what I have discussed here. Stress and disease are waiting around every corner. We must take advantage of every thyroid protective nutrient available and surprisingly coffee is one of the most important ones. As important as it is there are other really important nutrients needed. In this article I have only mentioned a few of the thyroid problems symptoms and cures.


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